What are the features of ReactJS?

in this part we will see some React features, ReactJS is gaining quick popularity as the most popular JavaScript framework for web developers. It plays a crucial part in the front-end ecosystem. The most important characteristics that are available in ReactJS are as follows.

  • JSX
  • Components
  • One way data-binding
  • Virtual DOM
  • Simplicity
  • Performance
features of react js
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Let’s Understand React Features

1. JSX

JSX refers to JavaScript XML. It is a JavaScript syntax extension. It’s an XML or HTML equivalent syntax that is used by ReactJS. The syntax is converted into JavaScript calls within the React Framework. It extends ES6 to ensure that HTML similar text can be used alongside JavaScript React code. It isn’t necessary to utilize JSX; however, it is highly recommended to implement the JSX feature in ReactJS.

2. Components

ReactJS is focused on components. ReactJS’s application is created of many components. Each is unique in its rules and controls. The components are reusable, which allows you to manage the code while working on large-scale projects. Components are useful with this you can make separate files for each logic, so it will help you to update your application for future updates.

3. One-way Data Binding

ReactJS is designed in an approach that is based on a unidirectional flow of data or single-way data binding. The advantages of one-way data binding allow you to have more control over the entire application. If the data flow is in another direction, it will require additional features. The components are designed to be unchangeable, and this data cannot be altered. Flux is a design pattern that assists in keeping your data in a single direction. This lets the application be more flexible, which helps greater efficiency.

4. Virtual DOM

The virtual DOM object is an exact representation of the actual DOM object. It functions as a single-way binding of data. When changes occur within the web application, the entire user interface is rebuilt in a virtual DOM representation. Then, it compares the differences between the original DOM representation and the new DOM. After that, the new DOM will only update elements that have changed, and This helps make the application more efficient and eliminates wasted memory.

5. Simplicity

ReactJS utilizes a JSX file that makes the application easy to program and comprehend. We understand that ReactJS uses a component-based method that makes the code reusable according to your requirements; this makes it easy to use and master.

6. Performance

ReactJS is known for its outstanding performance, making it better than other frameworks. Because it can manage a virtual DOM, a DOM can be described as a multi-platform programming API that deals with HTML, XML, or XHTML. The DOM is entirely stored in memory. Because of this, when we write components, we do not directly write to DOM. Instead, we write virtual components transformed into DOM that will give a speedier and smoother performance.

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