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MilesWeb Review: Reasons Why Your Business Needs Their Dedicated Server

It’s the 21st century, where there are tremendous advancements in technology. And business is shifting to online platforms to promote their businesses.

To get the ultimate hosting experience, and overall speed, you can leverage the power of dedicated servers. However before knowing why you need MilesWeb’s highly secure cpanel dedicated server for your website. When you talk about MilesWeb, they are among the top-web hosting providers in the industry. Since its establishment, they have been helping small, medium-size to large businesses launch their presence online. So, let’s first get to know what a dedicated server is.

What is a Dedicated Server? 

A dedicated server is a type of remote physical server that is dedicated entirely to your website/application. A dedicated server doesn’t let you share the server resources with any other tenants on the server. You have complete control over the server as you get full root access. This lets you configure and customize the server according to your requirements. 

A dedicated server costs you high but there are many benefits to consider. This hosting option is ideal for hosting resource-heavy websites/applications. Also, dedicated server is split into two major types, managed and unmanaged dedicated server.

Managed dedicated server means your hosting provider is responsible take care of the server’s technical administration and management tasks. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated server hosting is wherein you are solely responsible for managing the server.

GPU servers, as compared to traditional CPU-based servers, include specialised graphics processing units (GPUs) that are optimised for parallel processing and can perform operations much faster than CPUs. GPU dedicated servers are often used by businesses and organizations that require significant computing power for their workloads. They may also be used by individuals who need high-performance for AI, ML and deep learning applications.

Why is Dedicated Server Ideal for Business?

No matter whether you choose managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting, you’ll receive numerous benefits for your business. Know here why:

Great Overall Performance 

With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share the server resources. It’s committed to your website alone. This exclusivity feature offers many benefits and helps to improve the overall performance, security and speed, as compared to the other servers. 

A website that loads faster can better meet the requirements of clients. More people will access your website and get to know about your products/services. Poor loading times gradually mean poor performance. Visitors love a website that loads faster. A dedicated server helps to boost the loading time of the website. So, it comes with no surprise that dedicated servers are designed to deliver the best performance. 

If you check out MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting service, they utilize enterprise-grade hardware, and the industry’s best technology to deliver faster performance to your heavy websites/apps.

Dedicated IP Address

When you select dedicated server hosting for your web project, you get a dedicated IP address that’s unique and is yours alone. Having a dedicated IP address reduces the risk of any neighboring website that is spam and may affect your website in terms of threats or lowering the SEO rankings.

Great Value for Money

Purchasing a dedicated hosting service benefits your business in the long run. Even though dedicated servers are costly, they are reliable and highly beneficial for your business. There are web hosting companies like MilesWeb that offer dedicated hosting with many top-notch features all at a competitive price. A dedicated server is worth the investment. You can scale your large business to the next level by hosting on a dedicated server.

For handling a dedicated server, you need to have sound technical knowledge. Or else, you need to opt for a managed dedicated server wherein the web hosting provider will take care of all your server management and administration tasks.

Highest Level of Security

When it comes to a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about the website’s security, as it’s super-space. Your website data is safer on a dedicated server because, by no means, you will be affected by the neighboring websites or share the resources with other users. As far as MilesWeb is concerned, they incorporate various security measures. The company offers an SSL certificate to keep websites away from thefts and attacks.

Furthermore, they have Tier-4 data centers that abides by the best security practices in the industry.

Full Administrative Control 

One of the noteworthy features of a dedicated server is full administrative control. With a dedicated server, you get root access to the server. This, means, you are free to configure the server according to your requirements. For example, you can imply the security measures, install software of your choice, and take control over the ports. And even you can access and transfer files with the Secure Shell Transfer Protocol (SSTP). 

Wrapping Up 

Before you are ready to get a dedicated server for your business, make sure to know its benefits and what it can do for your business growth. But, investing in a dedicated server is worth it in the very long run! 

MilesWeb is a leading web hosting firm in India with state-of-the-art Tier-4 data centers in the world. Its goal is to offer reliable servers, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. If you need a dedicated server for hosting your large business website/application, MilesWeb has got you covered! 

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