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React useCallback Hook

React useCallback

In this part, we will learn about React useCallback hook. The React useCallback returns a memoized function when the dependency array gets changed. The word ‘memoized‘ or ‘memoization’ is an optimization technique to speed up expensive function calls by returning cached…

React useReducer Hook

react useReducer

In this part, we will see what is React useReducer and how we use it? The job of a reducer is to reduce. If you are familiar with reducer() method in JavaScript, then it will be easy to understand reducer…

React useContext Hook

react useContext

In this part, we will learn about React useContext hook, useContext is a basically a method with which you can access data from the context, or you can say some file. To perform this, we need to use context API.…

React useEffect Hook

useEffect hook

In this part, we will learn about React useEffect hook. useEffect hook is used to give effect or side effect once the application get rendered, as an argument for useEffect we usually go with function. useEffect By using this useEffect()…

React useState Hook

useState Hook

In this part, we will see the first and most important hook, which is React useState hook. useState hook is pretty straight forward where we have 2 arguments, one for current state and second one for update state. current state…

How To Use React Array ?

react array

React Array works as normal array in many programming languages, Basically array is a collection of data which stored in continues memory location, React array useful element to learn in order to make optimized and good application in react. React…