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React useId Hook

react useId

In this part, we will learn about react useId hook, React useId hook used to provide unique ID to elements. This hook generates a string which is unique ID for each element and this ID will be on server side…

React useTransition Hook

react useTransition hook

In this part, we will learn about react useTransition hook. React useTransition is used to boost our application performance and makes it even faster. useTransition and useDeferredValue are the hooks which used to render the complex logic or bigger data…

React useDebugValue Hook

react useDebugValue

In this part, we will learn about react useDebugValue hooks. React useDebugValue hook doesn’t affect the user experience, but instead of that, it improves the developer experience. React useDebugValue is the hook with which we can debug our custom hooks…

React useImperativeHandle Hook

React useImperativeHandle

In this part, we will learn about react useImperativeHandle hook. In react, Data can be passed from parent to child component using props, which is known as unidirectional data passing. In the case of props, the parent component cannot access…

React useRef Hook

react useRef

In this part, we will learn about react useRef hook. React useRef hook is a special function which allows us to manipulate or change directly to DOM using reference and functional component without re-rendering the component. It is pretty useful…

React useMemo Hook

React useMemo

In this part, we will learn about React useMemo hook. The React useMemo returns a memoized Value when the dependency array gets changed. The word ‘memoized’ or ‘memoization‘ is an optimization technique to speed up expensive function calls by returning cached…